Why Consider Cornerstone

Founded in 1985, today the Agency’s combined staff of Benefit Advisers, Brokers, and Account Managers is distinguished by our tradition of business integrity, technology, creativity and excellence in the management of Employer Sponsored Benefit Programs. The Cornerstone approach to broker services is the understanding that successful Employer Sponsored Benefit Plans require advisory services to select appropriate network delivery systems, time sensitive technology to facilitate plan administration, creative funding options and support to comply with State and Federal regulatory requirements.

The Cornerstone story is one of experience in the design, implementation pricing, communication and review of Employer Sponsored Benefit Plans to successfully establish a management process. Cornerstone understands that Plan Sponsors need objective analysis to achieve predictability with budgeted objectives. Our goal is to deliver the component parts of review, analysis, administration, and broker services to equip sponsors to operate with a managed process consistent with budgeted objectives.

Cornerstone Benefit Plans Broker Advantages
Cornerstone Benefit Plans Unique Approach to Benefit Management 2020

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