How can we obtain quotes from Cornerstone Benefit Plans, Inc.?

If your company is interested in having your group benefits (2 or more employees on the plan – must be listed on Quarterly Wage Detail Report) quoted out through Cornerstone Benefit Plans, Inc., we will need the following documentations to processes your request:

  1. Completed Census (Click here to download Census) (must be submitted in Excel format)
  2. Current & Renewal rates for all lines of coverage that you would like to have quoted (Health, Rx, Dental, Vision, Ancillary Lines)
  3. Current benefit summary’s for all lines of coverage
  4. For groups with 100+ employees, please also provide 2 years of experience and rate history (additional information may be requested from underwriters)
  5. Please send all documents via email

What is an HRA?

What is the Family Medical Leave Act?

What are W2 reporting requirements?

What is Cobra?

Learn About Medigap Plans:

What is HR360?

Using services through HR360 our office creates a Summary Plan Description and Section 125 Document Support that we post to your company web portal.

Click here to view/download the HR360 example PDF

How will Cornerstone Benefit Plans, Inc. communicate benefit changes to our employees?

Our group clients (with 20 or more employees) will receive a personalized Employee Benefit Book for all employees.  This book will contain your company’s current year benefit summary’s, employee legal notices, enrollment forms, and important websites and phone numbers.

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