Affordable Care Act

The complexity of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires skillful navigation to advise plan sponsors of viable plan design options for their Employer-Sponsored Welfare Benefit Programs.

Cornerstone Benefit Plans, Inc. has assembled a team of Group Benefit Managers and Advisors with over 30 years of operational experience. Our expertise is in the analysis of plan design options to coordinate the delicate balance of affordability and the delivery of comprehensive benefit programs. We have applied our expertise and experience in the interpretation of the ACA to advise employers of the most appropriate benefit delivery platform for their medical, prescription, and dental programs.

As a result of the Affordable Care Act, our recommendations include conventional group benefit plan designs, utilization of private exchange programs, and defaults to the public exchange. Cornerstone Benefit Plans, Inc. is fully certified as an ACA Advisor and Plan Navigator by the Center of Medicare Services and the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as being fully licensed as a group health insurance agency in the state of Michigan. We are also certified in other states, where we are servicing employer needs for group benefit coverages.

Contact us for a professional proposal, which explains our management process to help bend the cost curve of annual rate renewals. We are also focused on navigating the complexity of state and federal regulatory compliance and group communication to fully apprise employees of the uniqueness of their benefit process. We are confident that with the assistance of our benefit managers to answer questions and resolve claims issues, employer benefit packages will continue seamlessly under the Affordable Care Act.


ACA 2018 Compliance Checklist

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