At Cornerstone Benefit Plans, Inc., we help companies during open enrollment periods to be successful with their benefit plan designs. Our processes include educating employees and providing benefit enrollment materials that will be useful throughout the plan year, all in a convenient and consistent way. Our years of experience have provided our office with an open enrollment development plan that delivers value in an efficient manner to your employees.[break][break]

In a recent study of national health insurance plans, only 45% of employees understand their benefit coverage, while most employers state that effective communication is their most difficult hurdle. How are you meeting these challenges in the upcoming year? As benefit plan designs become more complex, greater employee education is required. Human Resource managers and benefit managers can feel overwhelmed with the task of educating employees and responding to questions. At Cornerstone Benefit Plans, Inc., we work with many companies to help alleviate their open enrollment worries, achieve better communication, and complete enrollment goals.

Cornerstone Benefit Plans, Inc. provides:

  • Enrollment benefit books for each employee
  • Open enrollment forms for HR departments
  • Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs)
  • Employee benefits website
  • Online enrollment (fee-based service)
  • Monthly newsletters, and much more

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