Group Benefit Plans

Our management process focuses on the customization of employer group plan designs offered through conventional insurance markets. This process distinguishes the cost/benefit impact of varied risk assumptions from fully insured models to shared funding and self-funded models.  Plan design and claims payment development will also produce varied outcomes depending on network access fees, benefit structure and participant portals to service providers.

Cornerstone Benefit Plans has 30 years’ successful experience in identifying appropriate plan designs, premium payment development models, access portals, as well as assistance with compliance with state and federal regulators. We understand the importance of the correct plan design in achieving corporate objectives and, once achieved, the importance of communications to plan participants for benefit explanations and claims resolutions.

At Cornerstone, we have incorporated online employer access for posting benefit binders, certificates, Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs), and required state and federal notices. Our Account Managers are highly skilled with interfacing between insurance carriers and employees in regards to benefit issues.

State and Federal Resource Reporting

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